Monday, October 10, 2011

More homemade school lunches, with cost estimates

 Cream cheese and jam on sprouted whole grain bread ($0.50), carrot and cucumber sticks ($0.25), olives ($0.25), prune plums ($0.25).  Total $1.25.

 Homemade chicken spaetzle soup ($1.00), carrot sticks ($0.25), pickles ($0.20), and homemade apple crisp ($0.10 - from homegrown apples).  Total $1.55. 
It was difficult to estimate the cost of the soup since the stock and much of the chicken came from the carcasses of 2 organic chickens that we roasted.  I estimated $3 worth of chicken for the 5 servings of soup, probably in excess of the actual cost.

 PB & J on sprouted whole grain bread ($0.55), olives ($0.25), carrot and red bell pepper sticks ($0.40), and mango-prune plum salad ($0.60).  Total $1.80.

Homemade vegetarian split pea soup ($0.25), homemade bread (free, from a friend), olives ($0.25), trail mix ($0.20), and prune plums ($0.25).  Total $0.95.

Lavender requested to make her own lunch twice this week, and that's why the humble sandwiches appear.
Average cost of these lunches = $1.39
Average savings per day over school lunch = $0.96

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