Saturday, July 2, 2011

Natural and organic processed meats and "naturally occurring nitrates"

If you're paying premium prices for natural and organic hot dogs, with "no added nitrites,"  read about happens to the "natural nitrates" from the celery juice powder that is typically used - and, alarmingly, how high the levels are.

"Applegate and other natural companies have proposed alternate wording to the U.S.D.A. in the past without success. They say they are confident their products offer enough other benefits — all natural ingredients, meeting the standards for the humane treatment of animals, for example — that it is best to be upfront with consumers about the preservatives. Ms. Boardman said tests showed the amount of nitrite and nitrate in Applegate products was similar to conventional brands."

What's the solution?  Unprocessed foods.  An "organic" or "natural" label doesn't mean that it's good for you, especially if it comes in a box.