Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My nephew's birthday is coming up and today my daughter and I sat down to make cards. I've made cards off and on for years, mostly on the computer. Since my daughter likes to use watercolors, it's companionable for us to work together at the spare table which is set up for projects. I got out a book we both enjoy (since I never had anything that could be termed art education), I Love to Draw, and drew a dragon (my first ever) lighting the candles on a birthday cake (that I could manage by myself). She made a watercolor of a cat. This was far more enjoyable than reading the best offerings (which are never really quite right) and waiting in line at a store. We have a supply of cardstock in rainbow colors and 5x7 envelopes, which fit perfectly when the cardstock is folded once to create a card. I estimated that a card + envelope runs about $0.15, and we reap the benefits of learning and creating our own designs.

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