Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gardening Links

Have you planted your garden yet?  The season is about a month ahead of a typical year here in Minnesota - I'm already cutting asparagus!  Here are some of the gardening references I've found to be useful for both food-producing plants and landscaping. 

Gardening calendar: gardening activities by season

Vegetable planting dates from the University of Minnesota Extension
Planting the vegetable garden - soil preparation and spring planting dates
Planting Vegetables in Midsummer for Fall Harvest

Growing fruits
More gardening articles about particular vegetables, fruits, and herbs

Gardening information sheets with information on specific plants, pollinators, and more.

Small Plot and Intensive Gardening from Perdue University, with tips about how to maximize food production from a small space.   The University of Arizona also has reference information about intensive gardening.  Although your climate might vary greatly, Arizona has a short growing season due to the extreme midsummer heat, so there are some similarities.

Extending the growing season - learn about cold frames and row covers.

Companion planting references here and here.

Preparing vegetables for freezing
Preparing fruits for freezing

Canning (more)
National Center for Food Preservation with more information including drying, pickling, etc. 

Soil testing and amending soils

Dividing perennials

Best plants for tough sites (including deer-resistant plants)

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